About Us

Hera Foodservice

Why choose Hera Foodservice

Built on vast foodservice experience, expertise, and a strong customer focus, we believe in the little things that make a difference. Despite our progress, we still operate on the same core family values – fairness, ownership, confidence, unity, and sustainability. A one stop shop for the food industry, Hera Foodservice carries an extensive range of national brands, private labels and exclusively imported products.

Freshness & Quality

Quality foods only provides the highest possible quality of products, which is backed up by our internal procedures and guarantee. Over many years our business prides itself on delivering only fresh food and ingredients, into the marketplace. This is maintained by the continual growth of our business and client base, over the years.

Convenience & Variety

Our range of products is both extensive and diverse with over 500 line items of food, cleaning products and much more. We now introduce our online ordering and app systems which come together to form a more reliable service. Furthermore, our network of vans and drivers have the capacity to deliver to all over Dublin area.

Competitive Pricing

The bottom line for every wholesale food business is the basis and benchmark of their own success. As one of the food suppliers in Dublin our reputation and service enables our pricing to remain constant and competitive. Our efficient service and reliable distribution is our trademark for successful business.

We have a leading team of highly professional and passionate staff devoted to letting your business shine. We believe that each and every business has the potential to be the very best and to that end we are willing to put forth the best prices, with the best quality, backed by excellent service. We aim to be a distributor that increases your profile. We aim not just to be ‘delivery people’ but people who go that extra step further to provide inspiration and encouragement for your business.